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Club Health Check

The Club Health Check is a tool that was developed to assist grassroots sporting clubs to ensure that all aspects of their organisation are developed in a holistic manner.

By using this tool clubs are able to benchmark their current practice against ‘best practice’ in key components of organisational capacity including:

  • management and governance
  • volunteer and staff management
  • planning
  • facility management
  • financial management
  • risk management
  • marketing and media
  • relationship management

Clubs are encouraged to conduct a ‘check-up’ each year to determine the current health of their club. Information obtained will assist the club to identify gaps, and then select one or two areas to work on thoughout the year.

Clubs that conduct the Health Check on an annual basis are strongly encouraged to share the results with Council, who may be in a position to offer assistance/advice or put the club in contact with other organisations who are able to assist or are conducting similar improvement initiatives.

Council conducts a citywide Health Check every two to three years in order that we can obtain a whole-of-city perspective of current strengths and opportunities for improvement.  The results are used to develop strategies/initiatives to target identified gaps in capacity.   Clubs that are found to be demonstrating ’best practice’ are also invited to share their initiatives/success stories with others by presenting at our annual Grassroots Sports Summit each October.

Click here to link to the Club Health check template (PDF 120KB).

Click here to view results of the 2011-2012 Gold Coast City Council club health check.


If you have any questions or would like further information/ assistance on the Club Health Check, please feel free to contact Recreation Services on:

Phone : 07 5581 6188
or email us here

Completed checks can be forwarded to Council via email or post at:
Email :
Post:  Gold Coast City Council 
PO Box 5042 
Gold Coast Mail Centre Qld 9729

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