Parks and recreation

Objectives and initiatives

Objective One

Develop strong, effective working relationships between all levels of government departments, sports and clubs in the City


1. Implement agreed values and behaviours

  • Work as one team, with one vision
  • Trust and respect each other
  • Communicate openly and listen to each other’s perspectives, ideas and issues
  • Explain why decisions are made

2. Investigate recognition program / awards

3. Investigate opportunities for sports and recreation groups not currently involved to join the Sports Fusion Project

4.  Explore greater use of school facilities and community use / joint development agreements

Objective Two

Ensure a coordinated approach in the delivery of services and development of infrastructure


1. Grassroots Sports Fusion Summit

2. Professionals Sports Fusion Summit

3. Mid Summit Meeting

4. Council Sport and Recreation Stakeholder Meeting - to be held bi-annually prior to Professionals Summit and Grassroots Summit

5. Recreation Services attendance at Sports Regional Forums

6. Super Sports Day

7. Encourage participation from the sport and recreation community to align themselves with initiatives including Active & Healthy Program and the Physical Activity Alliance

Objective Three

Enhanced capacity and increased capability of clubs to deliver services to the community and achieve ongoing sustainability


1. Web based workflows and training sessions

2. New committee members kit

3. Smart Sports

4. Mentoring program (sports business / professional sport)

Objective Four

Engage in meaningful strategic planning to ensure ongoing sustainability of sport across the City


1.   Sports Planning

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