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Recreational Services is committed to working with sport and recreation organisations to build a thriving sport and recreation community with quality facilities and provide quality activities run by skilled and capable people.

Recreational Services provide the following support to the local sport and recreation industry:

  • strategic planning of sport and recreation land and associated infrastructure
  • project manage and/or deliver a range of sport and recreation projects (development of community facilities, building capacity of sporting and community organisations, education/awareness)
  • coordinate the regulated use of the City's community, sporting and recreation facilities
  • coordinate community, sport and recreation funding (grants, subsides, divisional allocations)
  • action community, sport and recreation customer issues/enquiries
  • development of policy and reports to Council relating to sport and recreation
  • facilitate the provision of technical advice to sport and recreation organisations
  • coordinate ongoing maintenance of sport and recreation fields, facilities and infrastructure


If you would like further information or assistance from Recreational Services, please contact the relevant officer :

General enquiries
P:                 (07) 5581 6984
After Hours:   1800 637 000


Coordinator Recreational Services
Bruce Flick
P:                 (07) 5581 6959


Senior Development Officer
Liz Muenchow
P:                 (07) 5581 6188


Senior Recreational Services Officer
Jodi Pocock
P:                 (07) 5581 6721


Recreational Services Officer
Skye O'Brien
P:                 (07) 5581 6478


Recreational Services Officer
Nathan Griffiths
P:                 (07) 5581 6781


Technical Officer (Right of Use)
Angela Weldon
P:                 (07) 5581 6863


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