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The Gold Coast has an amazing selection of parks to celebrate your wonderful occasion, with magnificent ocean views or beautiful gardens providing the perfect backdrop. Some of our parks suitable for wedding ceremonies also have rotundas and seating. The picturesque tall trees, lakes and beaches nearby are the ideal canvas for your wedding photos.

Ceremonies in the park

We know how important your wedding day is and booking a nominated park is the best way to ensure no other weddings are taking place at the same time. Your wedding day is often the biggest celebration in your life so please secure your date early. We ask that bookings are made to ensure there are no other ceremonies at the same time and location. Bookings are available in two-hour blocks.  The application fee is $93.00.

You are able to use up to 20 chairs, a carpeted aisle, archway/flags, signing table, and music in the park. As parks are open public spaces for the use of all residents, there is no vehicular access or reserved parking allowed.  

Top wedding locations

We have compiled a list of our most popular and unique wedding locations, with photos and details for each site to make your choice as easy as possible! There are many other parks across the Coast that are regularly used for weddings, and these are of course available as well.

Broadwater Parklands is the only park that can cater to a wedding reception – please click here for more information on this venue. Of course, there are many fantastic reception venues across the Coast, and many in walking distance to our parks.

If you are interested in a ceremony on the beach, please visit Council’s website for a separate application form.

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