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Natural Area Management Plans

Our natural areas are important environmental assets for the Gold Coast and also provide opportunities for nature-based recreation. Gold Coast City Council seeks to protect and manage these areas sustainably through Natural Area Management Plans.

Plans are developed for groups or 'clusters' of natural areas, reserves and wetlands and include Conservation Areas purchased under the Open Space Preservation Levy (OSPL).

The plans address flora and fauna protection, rare and threatened species management, protection and enhancement of habitat and wildlife corridors, bushfire management, pest and weed control, development of recreational opportunities and manage potential human impacts.

The planning process involves developing interim plans, before completing full management plans in which the public are invited to have their say.

Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area - Arundel Section (Tee Trees)

Gold Coast City Council conducted an eight week engagement program from December 2012 to January 2013 to determine what the community would like for the future of a 64 hectare site adjacent to Tee Trees Boulevard, Arundel.

The site, Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area - Arundel Section, was purchased by Council in February 2012.  The purchase was part of Council's wider Nature Conservation Strategy, which identifies areas of high significance and public benefit for nature conservation.

After acquiring the site, Council undertook preliminary assessment of the site to determine opportunities and constraints, including stormwater flows, wetlands and habitats.  The preliminary assessment enabled Council's project team to identify areas which could host recreational infrastructure, enhance natural attributes and facilitate stormwater areas.

To view the final report, please click here.

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