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Free wi-fi at the Parklands

Wireless internet is available at Broadwater Parklands seven days a week. Wireless will be available April to November 7am - 7pm and December to March from 7am - 9pm.

Sessions are 30 minutes in length or 50MB, with a 15 minute cool off period.  Coverage areas include The Little Lawn, The Great Lawn, the main car park and the Rockpools.

How to log on to Broadwater Parklands wireless internet:

  • locate the wifi connection: Broadwaterparklands
  • this will then take you to a log in page
  • agree to the terms and conditions
  • start web searching!!

For wi-fi enquires please call 07 5581 1617.

All you need to know...

What is wireless?
Wireless internet access uses radio frequency signals to exchange data between your computer and the network without the use of cables. Wireless allows Broadwater Parklands patrons to bring their own wi-fi enabled devices to the park and get free internet access.

Who can use Broadwater Parklands wireless?
Any park patron may use the wireless internet service.

Where can I use Broadwater Parklands wireless?
Wireless hot spot is available on: The Great Lawn, Little Lawn, main car park and Rockpools area.

What do I need to use Broadwater Parklands wireless?
To use this service you will need a device that has built-in wi-fi or an installed adapter card

How do I connect to Broadwater Parklands wireless?
Most wi-fi enabled devices are configured for wireless access and should automatically detect the wireless network. When a connection is made you will be prompted to read and agree to the terms and conditions. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will be able to access the internet using your internet browser.

When is Broadwater Parklands wireless available?
Broadwater Parklands wireless is available 7 days a week. During Summer December to March: 7am – 9pm and Winter April to November: 7am – 7pm. Access to the wireless network is available only for 30 minutes or 50MB downloads each session.

Where can I get assistance with my wireless connection?
If you have any issues connecting to the wireless network please refer to your user manual or your hardware or software provider. Broadwater Parklands staff cannot provide support to configure your equipment for wireless access.

You may need to change your device’s configuration to use Broadwater Parklands wireless. Before changing your configuration, try using the wireless network as it may work. If you do need to change your configuration, make a note of the previous settings as you may need these settings to restore access to your home or work internet network.

Terms and Conditions for use of Broadwater Parklands wireless:

  • The Council Broadwater Parklands wireless network provides access to the Internet.
  • The wireless network is available 7 days a week. Summer -December to March: 7am – 9pm and Winter - April to November: 7am – 7pm Access to the wireless network is available only for 30 minutes or 50MB downloads each session.
  • The Council does not provide support to configure your equipment for wireless access. For further assistance refer to your user manual or contact your hardware or software provider.
  • Council cannot be responsible for any changes that you make to your computer's settings to access the wireless network and recommends that you make a note of any settings before you change them.
  • The Council wireless network is not as secure as a wired network. Information sent to and from your wi-fi enabled device may be captured by someone else with a wireless device. Please keep this in mind when accessing personal or business information.
  • Council does not accept responsibility for any loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, service interruptions, technical difficulties or transmission of viruses.
  • Anti-virus software, security and privacy of information is the responsibility of the computer owner.
  • Use of the internet via the wireless network shall not cause offence or disruption to other Broadwater Parklands patrons.
  • Parents of minors (children under 18 years of age) assume responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet through the Broadwater Parklands facilities.
  • The Internet is an unmediated medium and Council is not responsible for the quality or content of material available.  Broadwater Parklands does not monitor or have control over the information available and is not responsible for its content or availability.  Broadwater Parklands expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to, or use of, information obtained through electronic information systems, or any consequences thereof.


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