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We all know trees are an important part of our environment. Trees not only green and shade our parks, streets and gardens. Other benefits include the following.

Improve air quality

  • tree leaves absorb carbon dioxide, producing oxygen through photosynthesis
  • the surface of leaves trap airborne dust and soot

Buffer noise

  • tree canopies dampen sound by intercepting sound waves

Improve water quality

  •  tree roots absorb soil water that contains both nutrients and pollutants

Reduce stormwater runoff

  •   tree canopies reduce the fast rate at which rain falls to the earth
  •   water enters the ground more slowly under trees and is better absorbed and filtered into ground water than     when it runs off surfaces

Reduce erosion

  • soils under a canopy and the thick layer of leaf litter are protected from the erosive energy of rain water

Reduce global warming

  • trees absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and store the carbon in woody tissues
  • trees also modify the reflectivity of sunlight on the earth's surface
  • the combination of the two effects can make tree clusters a remarkably cool spot

Provide wildlife habitat

  • many wild animals have unique requirements for food and shelter. They require a variety of plants and multiple layers of canopy to forage and nest

Improve property values

  • homes that back on to greenbelts are often valued higher than comparable homes not near a park
  • forested parklands also provide residential properties an adjacent natural area for walking and passive recreation activities such as bird watching

Are aesthetically appealing

  • trees provide visual relief from the urban environment - they look great, create tranquillity and remind us of the green

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