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Mangroves to Mountains Walk

Discover the diversity of species that make South East Queensland unique as you wander along paths and tracks through thousands of local plants growing in a landscape setting.

Main Entrance
Dry Rainforest

How can a rainforest be dry? Beneath a canopy of tall trees discover an understorey of small or spiny leaf shrubs where mosses and ferns are rare.

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Gum Tree Corridor

The corridor has a variety of gum trees planted according to their bark type or plant community. See the differences between stringybarks and ironbarks, box trees, smooth barks and half barks.

Main Entrance
Araucaria Forest and Blackbutt

Feel the cooling effect of the dense and dark canopy of Bunya and hoop pines and giant Kauris leading to the oldest and largest tree in the gardens.

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Closed Forest Gorge

Sample the huge variety of trees in South East Queensland rainforests including red and white cedars, quondongs, rosewood, peanut trees and satinash.

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Special Trees

Commemorative Avenues of Queensland forest giants planted by the Curators of Australia’s Botanic Gardens and international Friendship Force visitors from around the globe.

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The Butterfly Garden

The plant selection here is based around the needs of local butterfly species. Leaves are sites for eggs or are eaten by larvae, whilst flowers provide nectar for adult butterflies.

Main Entrance
Montane Rockery

The Montane rockery introduces plant species usually only seen by adventurous bushwalkers on exposed mountains and escarpments of South East Queensland.

Main Entrance
Freshwater Wetlands

Follow the tracks weaving through the Freshwater wetlands where you’ll find plants that have adapted to survive through drought, flood and fire.

Main Entrance
Eucalyptus Open Woodland

The open canopy allows dappled sunshine to reach the forest floor where you’ll see an everchanging understorey of flowering shrubs and ground covers.

Main Entrance
Horticultural Display Gardens

Under the shelter of flowering trees, this part of the tour shows a range of plants found around the world and features an all abilities Sensory Garden. You can also enjoy the beautiful scent of the Rose Garden.

Main Entrance
Friends Centre

Surrounded by a new native display garden, and the hub of gardens activities. It is home to our library and educational activities as well as visitor displays.

Main Entrance
Kids Playground

A lovely spot for the kids to play, swing and laugh, surrounded by the beautiful Gardens.

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