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Types of trees

How Council chooses your type of street tree

Council determines your type of street tree by assessing the following:

  • soil type / quality
  • the surrounding environment
  • services either above or below grounds
  • to compliment the area
  •  wind direction

Trees which are weed species to be removed at time of greening

Trees and shrubs to be removed at time of planting are determined by:

  • Council identified weed species as shown in Environmental Weeds of the Gold Coast
  • poor quality trees – dead, dying or dangerous
  • undesirable trees that have been identified by Council
  • trees or palms identified as weed species and/or high maintenance
  • obstructing services and infrastructure now or in the future
  • trees, shrubs or palms blocking vision for traffic and pedestrians

Maintenance of your street trees

Council carries out a 52-week maintenance period on all new street tree plantings. Once this period is completed all trees are handed over to our maintenance providers.

Street and park trees are classified as Council assets and are protected under GCCC Local Law.

Please help us by:

  • reporting damaged or vandalised street trees to Council on 5581 6984
  • report a tree which requires maintenance to Council on 5581 6984
  • not planting trees on Council controlled lands such as the footpath or Council verge
  • not piling lawn clippings around the base of street trees and their trunks

If you have any further concerns or questions please contact us on 5581 6984.

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