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Get active

family stretchingMoving more every day will:

  • make you feel more energetic and less tired
  • help you lose weight and control your appetite
  • help you look and feel better
  • help you to manage anxiety and stress
  • reduce feelings of depression and anxiety
  • help you sleep better
  • improve your concentration and learning 
  • lower your blood pressure
  • improve your blood cholesterol levels
  • maintain or build stronger bones and muscles
  • assist you in enjoying and knowing your local neighbourhood

On the Gold Coast, 43% of the 2667 adults surveyed did not do enough physical activity to attain a health benefit in the week prior to interview. With only 30 minutes of physical activity needed a day and so many opportunities to explore the great natural playground that is at our doorstep, it really is time to get up, get out and get active.

To find an activity to help get you started check out the Active & Healthy Citywide Program.

Kick Start 4 Health

Kick Start 4 Health is a personal health and lifestyle development workshop that give you the tools, skills and knowledge needed to create your own personalised lifestyle program. We have teamed up with Obesity Prevention Australia to  bring you this innovative 10-week lifestyle program. Click here to download a flyer.

Gold Coast Physical Activity Alliance (GCPAA)

get active

The Gold Coast Physical Activity Alliance (GCPAA) is a group of stakeholders dedicated to the advancement of physical activity initiatives on the Gold Coast. The Alliance aims to provide coordination, integration and strategic focus to physical activity efforts. 

Currently, the Alliance comprises federal, state and local government agencies, universities and TAFE, nongovernment community organisations and professional bodies.

The Alliance seeks to achieve its aims by:

  • building on physical activity investment to date
  • developing an agreed plan of action to achieve sustainable outcomes - the Gold Coast Physical Activity Plan, strategy for an active and healthy community 2010-2020
  • marketing accurate physical activity opportunities and information via the Get Active Gold Coast website
  • initiating new opportunities through collaboration
  • planning, implementing and evaluating physical activity initiatives across the Gold Coast



Gold Coast Physical Activity Plan 2010 to 2020


The Gold Coast Physical Activity Plan (GCPAP) is a strategy for an active and healthy community where Gold Coast residents and visitors alike incorporate physical activity in their everyday life.   The GCPAP supports the diverse range of agencies, groups and individuals providing active and healthy initiatives, to collectively achieve a significant increase in the number of people undertaking sufficient physical activity on the Gold Coast to meet the National Physical Activity guidelines.

The Plan is a 5 year plan (2010 to 2020) encompasses the following.... 


  • Leading the way to an active and healthy community

Key action areas

  • A city providing a diverse range of active and healthy opportunities that are embraced by the community
  • A city aware and informed of its active and healthy opportunities and facilities
  • A city maintaining and enhancing its built, natural and working environments for active and healthy living
  • A city connected, enabling safe active and healthy travel
  • A city working in partnership to support active and healthy lifestyles


  • A 5% increase in the number of people living on the Gold Coast meeting the National Physical Activity guidelines by 2015

To find out more about the plan or to comment on the draft plan visit the Get Active Gold Coast website.


Get Active Gold Coast website


The Get Active Gold Coast website is the one stop shop for physical activity on the Gold Coast. The website showcases Gold Coast activities, events, sporting clubs and facilities. In addition, information is available to help the community make the right activity choices and encourage our residents to become more active and healthy.

Developed by the Gold Coast Physical Activity Alliance, the website is a great tool in which sporting clubs, health and fitness professionals and organisations are provided with the opportunity to update your health and fitness or sporting club details for free.  You can list the activities or programs that you are currently running for the community, showcase your club or facility and list information about what you can offer the community.

Click here to check out the Get Active Gold Coast website.

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